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Summarizing reports on the results of the completed programme accreditation of professional fields in higher education institutions

Area of higher education Professional fields
1. Pedagogical Sciences 1.1. Theory and Management of Education
  1.3. Pedagogy of teaching...
2. Humanities 2.3. Philosophy
3. Social, Economic and Legal Sciences 3.1. Sociology, anthropology and cultural studies
  3.4. Social Activities
  3.5. Public Communications and Information Sciences
4. Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computing 4.2. Chemical Sciences
  4.3. Biological Sciences
  4.5. Mathematics
5. Technical Sciences 5.1 Mechanical Engineering
  5.5 Transport, Navigation and Aviation
  5.12. Food Technology
6. Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine 6.2. Plant protection
  6.5. Forestry
7. Health and Sport 7.6 Sport
8. Arts 8.4. Theatre and Film Arts
pdf 16x16 Executive summary of the Report on the state and trends in the development of higher education institutions in Bulgaria




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