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On 5 December, a dissemination seminar within the framework of the European project EIQAS (, ERASMUS+, 2014-2016) was held in Lisbon, Portugal. NEAA took part as a project partner together with accreditation agencies, higher schools and organizations from Poland, Portugal and Slovenia. The meeting was hosted by the Portuguese agency A3ES,
EIQAS is a two-year project of the "research and development" type. It is focused on the new European Standards and Guidelines (ESG 2015) implemented in the practice of quality assurance of higher education by the agencies which are members of ENQA. The aim is to support processes of putting into operation the standards in the EHEA countries. One of the final outcomes of the project is the production of a book by the end of 2016 – "Guide for Use of ESG". In addition, another book is to be published – “Students' Guide for Quality Assurance in Higher Education".

The seminar agenda included two parts.
The first part consisted of reports of participants in the project consortium. Work on the implementation of ESG 2015 of national accreditation agencies was presented. The first draft of the guidebook was discussed and approved (by the end of the year it will be edited and published in book form).
The project time-line is extended to the end of January 2017 so it will include actions on dissemination of the project results in the four partner countries. One working day is planned for Sofia on 9 January and two more working days are to be organized in Ljubljana on 19 January and Warsaw on 27 January 2017.
The seminar was chaired by Mrs. Izabela Kwiatkowska-Suika from the Polish agency РКА, (coordinator general of EIQAS). Participants were over 40 experts from Portugal and from the partner countries.
The second part of the program was a meeting of the project management team. 12 project coordinators at national level discussed financial and organizational matters related to the completion of the final stage of EIQAS.


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